Phono-related items for sale, trade or purchase

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For the SELLERS :

We are always looking to add machines, records, advertising, original photographs of phonos, accessories, etc to our collection. If you are interested in selling your items WE ARE INTERESTED. We are interested in paying FAIR value for your items and we pay CASH. For a specific list of what we are looking for see LIST OF PHONOGRAPHS . This list is always changing. If it is phonograph related WE ARE INTERESTED (even if not on the list).

The Montana Phonograph Company is looking for the following items:

Anything related to the original Montana Phonograph Company of Helena, MT
Advertising/accessories related to phonographs
Original PHOTOGRAPHS showing phonographs
Advertising/signage related to phonographs
Cylinder and 78 records

Victor Auxetophone items (any)
Bell-Tainter phonographs (any)
Tinfoil phonographs
Columbia AD
Columbia AF
Columbia BC
Columbia BM
Columbia GG
Edison I-A
Edison Concert (Triumph "B" case)
Edison Gem (drip pan)
Edison Gem (branded case)
Edison Spring Motor
Any phonograph with Bettini attachment
Any phonograph with Polyphone attachment
Hawthorne & Sheble cabinets (with and without glass tops)
Hexaphone 101 (2-minute only)
All coin-op phonographs
Pathe Gaulois
Glass horns (original or reproductions)
Victor (any rigid-arm version)
Glass sided Zonophones

For the BUYERS:

**Shipping and handling charges are extra**

Various original Edison reproducers

C, K, R, H, Diamond B, Victrola, others - email for details

ca 1906 Edison Home

"C" reproducer, original crank, no horn- For restoration $200 SOLD

ca 1902 Edison Triumph

Banner case, "C" reproducer, all original, no horn- NICE $750 SOLD

ca 1899 Edison Concert

Early "suitcase" version, "B" reproducer, no horn - near MINT SOLD

ca 1907 Edison Gem

"C" reproducer, black conical horn (repro) - GOOD $400 SOLD

ca 1914 Victor XIV

Nice original condition - GOOD $250 SOLD

Sears & Roebuck Fancy Base

Reproduction base for your Columbia Q - NEW $300 SOLD

All-brass phonograph horns

10"/14"/18" all-brass horns - NEW $75/$85/$95 SOLD