Some of my favorite phono-related websites

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Old Time Victrola Message Bd General phonograph message board
Edison Phono Discussion Bd Edison-specific message board
Phono-L General phonograph message board
PhonoList General phonograph message board
PhonoLand General phonograph message board
NEW! Int'l Phono/Gramo International Phonograph and Gramophone forum
CAPS California Antique Phonograph Society - GREAT newsletter
MAPS Michigan Antique Phonograph Society
CAPS (Canada) Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
CLPGS (UK) City of London Phonograph & Gramophone Society
OTAPS Oregon Territory Antique Phonograph Society
Mr. Tinfoil's Collection An interview with Mr. Tinfoil - great video
NEW! Auxetophone demo Demonstation of a Victor Auxetophone ca 1906
NEW! Columbia BC demo Demonstation of a well tuned Columbia BC ca 1905
Lego Advertisement Great ad from the 1980's featuring a young Thomas Edison
Australian Collection Collector on ABC's "Collectors" in Australia
The Edison Connection A tour of the Dave Heitz collection (short version)
The Edison Connection A tour of the Dave Heitz collection (long version)
1910 Edison film Edison silent film: The Stenographer's Friend
Invention of the Phonograph Early history of the phonograph invention
I am the Edison Phonograph Recording of the famous advertising cylinder record
Cyl Recording Session Cylinder record recording session
New vinyl records How vinyl records are made
How disc records are made RCA Victor's "How disc records are made" ca 1942
CD manufacturing CD manufacturing process is similar to records ca 2000
NEW! Uncle Josh Complete The Adventures of Uncle Josh/Pun'kin Centre Stories
Collectors Online collections and current/recent eBay auctions
ARSC Association for Recorded Sound Collectors
Edison Papers Project Extraordinary collection of Edison documentation
WAMS Wolverine Antique Music Society - 78/cylinder info
Edison Phonology All things Edison
Compressed Air Amplifiers The Short but Loud Story of Compressed-Air Amplification
Victor Auxetophone Everything you want to know about the Victor Auxetophone
Victor Victrola Everything you want to know about Victor Phonographs
Zonophone Registry The Zonophone Registry Project
Nipperhead Peter Liebert's site offering many articles and links
Tyrone Settlemier LINKS The MOST extensive page of links to ALL thing phonograph
Tim Gracyk's Phono Articles Articles about records, machines and more
PhonoRing A large collection (149) of phono-related websites
History of Edison Phonograph Basic history of the Edison cylinder phonograph
Phonogalerie Jalal Aro - Paris, France
Intertique Lynn Bilton - Ohio
Guido's Musical Machines Guido Severijns - The Netherlands
Phonophan Tim Fabrizio - NY
Gramophones UK Howard Hope - UK
Collector's World Music boxes, Phonographs, Organs, Orchestrions
The Gramophone Doctor Bob Nix - Machine sales, parts, repairs, restoration (Canada)
Antique Phonograph Doctor Machine sales, parts, repairs
Victrola Repair Service Machine sales, parts, service
Wyatt's Musical Americana Dwayne Wyatt - Machine sales, parts, service (California)
APSCO Repair, parts, accessories
Tinfoil Phonographs By Rene Rondeau, Mr. Tinfoil - Tinfoil also available here
Allen Koenigsberg Reprinted trade catalogs and publications and new books
Ron Dethlefson Variety of books on records, cylinders, machines, history
George Paul/Tim Fabrizio Phenomenal book offerings from this dynamic duo