Hardy Tinfoil 1989 Hardy Tinfoil Phonograph

The Hardy tinfoil phonograph is significant because it was the first commercially available phonograph. It was originally manufactured in 1878 in France by Edme Hardy. The 8" x 10" machine is very heavy, weighing nearly 21 lbs!

This Hardy was made by Guido Severijns in Holland around 1989. It is a very accurate, authentic copy of the original.

Click here to see an original Hardy tinfoil.

2003 Brady Tinfoil Phonograph

The Brady tinfoil phonograph was originally manufactured in 1878. This model was made famous by civil war photographer Matthew Brady who photographed the inventor with this model on April 18, 1878.

This reproduction Hardy was made by late master machinist Bill Ptacek in 2003. To read a tribute to Bill click here.

Bill ended up making a total of nine miniature Brady's. Bill made these after seeing a 1930's 1/3 version at the Henry Ford museum.

Brady Tinfoil