Stollwerck1 1903 Stollwerck Chocolate Phonograph

This very unusual German, metal-bodied Stollwerck was designed to play chocolate records! The turntable is only 3", the machine stands a total of 8.5" - a very small machine. Below the turntable is a case designed to hold several chocolate records. An example of a 4.75" record is show.

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1904 Stollwerck Chocolate Phonograph

The wooden-bodied Stollwerck was offered as an improved version of the metal-bodied phonograph. This too is very small, the body measuring 2" tall and 6" wide. The turntable was designed to play the newly introduced non-edible 4.75" disc records (3" records shown).

The non-edible records are made of a wood based core covered in a thin layer of wax. The survival rate of both the records and phonographs was quite low.

Stollwerck3 1903 Stollwerck Chocolate Phonograph (close-up detail)

This is a close-up of the metal-bodied Stollwerck's horn. Notice the word "CHOCOLADE" and "PHONOGRAPH".