Amet Echophone 1896 Amet Echophone Phonograph

This odd phonograph, manufactured by Illinois inventor Amet, employed a hollow glass tube with stylus formed into the glass. Bellows were used to amplify the subtle movements within the glass tube. Either a small horn or eartubes could be used.

Click here to see a setup with horn.

1895 Lioret #2 Phonograph

Henri Lioret was originally a clockmaker, delving into phonographs in 1893. With the success of this first phonograph (a phono-doll with Emile Juneau), Lioret began making finely crafted clockwork driven phonographs as shown here. The medium used was a molded celluloid, far superior to anything offered by Edison or Columbia at the time.

Shown are a variety of Lioret cylinders and their cases. Click here to see other Lioret phonographs.

Lioret #2