Concert Banner 1901 Edison
"Banner" Concert Phonograph

Besides being a near-mint example of a relatively uncommon "Banner" Concert, it is a rare example of an Edison upgrade/conversion. The mechanism is a typical 1899/1900 version but is in a 1901 Banner style case. Early in 1901, Edison offered Concert owners the chance to upgrade their cases (for $10, from the suitcase cabinet) to the new Banner style. Holes were drilled in this bedplate to attach to the cabinet (which now is accessible by tilting the top of the cabinet). Not many of the owners must have upgraded based upon the low numbers of surviving Banner Concerts. No other examples of this conversion are known to exist.

Originally these were sold with a 24" brass horn and floor crane. This Concert was originally supplied with an Edison Automatic reproducer (which it retains today).

Shown below the Concert is a near mint cylinder cabinet - original paper pegs were removed which now accomodates Concert cylinders perfectly.